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Website Without Worry


CONGRATULATIONS on Saying YES to Your Business Growth by Investing in Website Without Worry!

Here are your special promised bonuses!

* Bonus 1: Free Group Q&A Call! Sometimes, having access to someone (successful) to get feedback is just what you need! During this laser coaching Q&A call, I’ll be available to coach you on your website creation strategy, specific questions, assignments or materials. Even if you don’t have a question, you’ll eavesdrop on others asking questions and get value for your OWN business. Q&A call to be scheduled June 2015–we will send you an email to make sure you don’t miss it!

* Bonus 2: My Personal, Updated Rolodex of Recommended Resources! This is a list of tools and resources to get you going with your WordPress site ASAP. You won’t have to spend the money and the time that I did finding all of these great resources because I’ve got it covered for you! Click here for your Rolodex

* Bonus 3: My Own Cash-Generating Sales Campaigns Swipe File! Snag a “swipe file” of actual sample emails from my own cash-generating sales campaigns! Click here for your swipe file

* Bonus 4: Complete worksheets, templates, scripts, resources, handouts, examples, checklists and cheat-sheets from the live course. Click here to access the materials page with all of these goodies

* Bonus 5: A bonus 60-minute strategy training all about how to create your irresistible free gift! Learn what to include on your website to entice many more people to opt in, plus get an easy process for creating the content of your free offer–fast! Click here to access the materials page with this bonus strategy training goodie