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Website Without Worry


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Are you a small business owner ready for a SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE
solution to your website frustration?

“Finally…Here’s Your Chance to
Learn the Most Effective and Least Expensive
Way to Create Your Own Professional Looking, Easy to Use Website So You Can Begin Attracting Lots of New Clients and Customers
to Your Business FAST !”


From: Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor
Blackwood, New Jersey USA

Dear Busy Business Owner:

Are you…

Excited about the product or service you have to offer to the world, but have been holding back from marketing it because you just don’t have a great-looking site to refer people to?

Tired of feeling like you are being held hostage by your webmaster, waiting for them to make simple changes and updates as the clock ticks away?

Making connections with prospects and referral partners in social media but aren’t seeing any results because you have nowhere to send them to strengthen the relationship further?

Intrigued by others who seem to have websites they are able to update and tweak in a snap, but aren’t sure where to begin to look to find something like this for yourself?

Ready to learn exactly how to create your very own worry-free website or blog that builds your email list and brings in more salesquickly and without hassles?

I want to help you with all of this, plus MORE, in my updated-for-2015 course…


Have questions about whether Website Without Worry is right for you? Click here for our FAQ.

Let’s be honest. You know your skills are top-notch, and you’re great at what you do. But you’re also incredibly busy and don’t have a ton of time to devote to building or maintaining a complicated or super-techy website… OR to figuring out on your own how to set it up to make you MONEY.

I totally understand.

However, without having a professional-looking website to build credibility and visibility online—you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to easily (and enjoyably!) increase your bottom line. I don’t want to see your frustration prevent you from enjoying one of the easiest ways to build your business, boost your revenues and become the go-to expert in your niche.

You don’t have to figure this all out on your own! Accelerate your progress by getting everything you need to know about creating a site that’s positioned for MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY.

WordPress is a simple, cost-effective and versatile web platform and it’s the same platform that thousands of people just like YOU have used—to create a fully functional website or blog that magnetically PULLS in clients and customers to their business.

You see, no matter what the economy is doing, people don’t stop going to the Internet to find the products and services they need. In fact, it’s where they are turning more than ever—and as a business owner, NOT having an attractive web presence is no longer an option!

So, if you are interested in learning how to:

  • Create your very own WordPress website or blog from scratch
  • Ensure your site effortlessly pulls in ONLY your most IDEAL, high-paying clients
  • Integrate your site with the top social networking sites to increase traffic and boost your visibility
  • Tweak your site for maximum search engine optimization in a matter of minutes
  • Use your site to build an email list of prospects who are hungry for what it is you offer
  • Come up with consistent, fresh content for your site so that your visitors will keep coming back

Then, I invite you to join me for Website Without Worry, my most popular training course. Here’s just a sampling of what I’ll walk you through IN DETAIL…


Ready to Rock & Roll: The ABCs of Getting Your WordPress Site Up
& Running From Scratch—Step by Step


  • Exactly why WordPress is the best choice for your small biz website
  • The crucial difference between and
  • My top recommendations for hosting co’s who make it SIMPLE for you
  • How to get your domain and your webhost to “talk” to each other
  • Exactly how to install WordPress from scratch
  • How to use WordPress as a blog vs. a full-blown website
  • How to easily create content-rich blog posts
  • How to use tags and categories and the differences between them
  • How to add photos and graphics to your blog

Bonus: You get…

  • Step-by-step checklist of how to install WordPress from square one
  • Visual map of where and how to add the most important components to your blog posts


Making it Your Own: Nuts and Bolts of Creating a
Stand-Out Site in Both Form AND Function

  • How to choose and quickly install the best theme for your site
  • How to add and create pages
  • How to maximize widgets and sidebars
  • How to block 99.99% of all spam automatically
  • How to use plugins, and which ones are absolute must-haves
  • How to boost the SEO of every page and post you create
  • How to create a professional contact form on your site
  • How to use navigation menus
  • How to import all of your old posts if you’ve been using another blog service
  • How to make sure that you turn off the setting that makes your site invisible to the search engines (!!)

Bonus: You get…

  • Extensive checklist of links to recommended free and premium themes and top plugins
  • Directory of recommended graphic and website design professionals and virtual assistants


Putting it All Together:
Maximizing Your Marketing Mojo

  • How to easily track your number of blog subscribers
  • How to analyze your site’s traffic as well as measure the effectiveness of your marketing—for free
  • What to add to your site to make it social media friendly + how to link it to all the major social sites
  • How to automatically feed your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • How to set up your site to effortlessly build your email list
  • How to build your site so it’s not just a pretty brochure, but your best, most powerful marketing tool
  • How to come up with fresh content on a consistent basis and avoid writer’s block
  • What to add to your site that helps the search engines find your content quicker–allowing your site to enter the rankings sooner

Bonus: You get…

  • Checklist of the very top social media plugins—to encourage more people to share more of your content
  • Resource directory of the best websites to find completely free graphics and pictures for your blog


I answer many specific, pressing questions on these BONUS Q&A calls. I stayed on these calls for as long as I needed to in order to make sure ALL of the questions were answered!

(Private consulting with me doesn’t come cheap, so this is a BIG value for you!)

Whether You’re Looking to Create Your Very First Site or Just Ready to Blow Up Your Current Trainwreck of a Site Once and For All, Invest in Website Without Worry to FINALLY Shorten Your Path to Online Success This Year

Take a look at what some of my students (who are now rocking their own great-looking WordPress sites!) have to say…

 WordPress Course Testimonial From Tomasa Macapinlac of 

“Website Without Worry is One the Best Courses I Have Ever Done”

“Before I signed up for Website Without Worry I was concerned that I might not have time to take action on what I had learned.

It turns out I didn’t have to worry. The trainings in the course were available to listen to whenever I needed to and I picked up even more by replaying each webinar.

Because of Website Without Worry I feel more confident and a lot more comfortable about my ability to build a simple website.

I would absolutely recommend this course—what I learned was invaluable!

It was a fantastic course Christine and with everything that you personally taught and provided, Website Without Worry was one the best courses I have ever done. THANK YOU.

Kym Hanna
VA 2 U

“I Don’t Regret a Minute or a Penny Spent!”

“Before I signed up for Website Without Worry I wasn’t sure if I was committed to doing my site myself, but I ended up doing all of it!

The biggest benefit is being able to do it all myself, and see visually how to do it. I love that I can create who and what I want to represent to my clients. I feel good that I got this crossed off my list and I’m ready to move to the next step in getting clients via my free offer. I also look forward to editing my WordPress website as the months go by to reflect what my ideal client market is looking for.

Thanks Christine for launching this program again, and I don’t regret a minute or penny spent! I loved the live calls, Q & A segments and popping up websites in the making to assist classmates while recording this all! I love that I can go back anytime to review etc.

I love all the work you do Christine, I find extreme value in it and have shared my experience with Website Without Worry with my friends! Thank you!”

Lynette French-Dumas
The Wholistic Approach

“Website Without Worry is a Value Packed, High Quality Course”

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 4.05.15 PM“I’m thrilled with my new site and cannot imagine how I could have completed it without Christine’s Website Without Worry course and guidance.

Besides providing me with clear video instructions, live conversations, and written resources, Christine helps you grow your confidence. She makes it clear that the answers to your questions are within your reach. Also, she is realistic about when you need to reach out for further assistance.

My goals were to have a new, crisp, updated site with maximum SEO. Christine is current about WordPress sites and things like widgets, plugins, and permalinks, which provided invaluable assistance in reaching my goals.

Website Without Worry is a value packed, high quality course. Thank you Christine! You have become a virtual partner to me. I’m sure I’ll be looking to your other offerings in the future.”

Kate Johnson
Career and Life Coach

“I Feel Confident!”

“I was hesitant to sign up for Website Without Worry at first because I was worried that it wouldn’t provide enough information.

But the trainings from Christine gave me the information as I was really seeking out of the course.

I learned how to link a blog to my website and how to manage a website to do the daily/weekly updating. The course also helped me to envision how to use my website for my counseling practice and feel confident that I can set it up!

I would recommend Website Without Worry I think it was very helpful and much better than trying to glean this by Googling each and every thing separately!

Thank you!”

Elissa Knight
Counseling on Eastlake

“You Made the Process of Website Creation Less Intimidating… I Wholeheartedly Recommend This Course”

Frank_Bravata-2“Thanks for offering your Website Without Worry course!

Prior to starting the course I had no blogging or website creation experience.

After Training #1 I was able to create a basic WordPress site to host a blog! And then I tweaked my site after Trainings #2, #3, and #4. Since the training I have reviewed the course material and based on what I’ve already learned I have now identified some more tweaks that will be beneficial for my site and business.

Your availability to answer questions on Q&A calls and on the course Facebook page has helped clarify points and made the process of website creation less intimidating.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course because I went from knowing nothing about websites to having a solid basic understanding of WordPress; I know what I want and how to achieve it and specifically I know enough to get a domain, get a host, create a site, post, edit, add, link, change and fix things as well as identify and add appropriate plugins and widgets.

This was a valuable course, thank you!”

Sharon Templeton
VINquisitive Wines

“Taking This Course Saved Me Loads of Time and Lots of Money”


“To me, building my own website seemed about as possible as building my own home. I had NO idea what I was doing. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of creating my own site.

Then I enrolled in Christine’s WordPress course. I really enjoyed her teaching approach–it’s easygoing and filled with pertinent information. She explains everything step by step in a way that even someone who’s never attempted building a website can understand. After implementing what I learned in her course, I literally built my own web site in less than a day!

Taking this course saved me loads of time and lots of money that I would have spent paying someone else to do this. Also, now I have the freedom to add/delete/change my site whenever I want. I can sidestep waiting for a web master to fit it into their schedule.I owe all my knowledge to Christine’s amazing WordPress course!”

Laura Smith
The Breakup Lounge

   “Our Website Didn’t Exist Three Weeks Ago. Now I Can Post Links With Pictures–Incredible–Thank You!”


“I’m a Westerner in Asia, and they just don’t do business here like they do in the US! In over 3 years of looking and many horror stories, it became apparent that we needed to do our website ourselves. The last guy quit in the beginning of the project when we mentioned WordPress!

Since taking your Website Without Worry course and implementing your suggestions from our coaching session, people are coming to the site to visit the videos we are posting – and coming because of cross-pollination of other social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. It’s exciting to get started: videos, pictures, verbiage. I have a guy now doing movies with a camera and loving it, as are the people involved! It is bringing business – but more importantly – exposing great Filipino technology to the world!

With the material we have learned, we are going forward – we will be dynamic – in charge of our own content and the timeliness of information, pricing, etc. Now that we know the basics, we are playing – and it is a blast!

I would absolutely recommend Christine and her Website Without Worry course! From my research, this is the best place to start and learn. The material is well laid out, comprehensive, and easy to learn. I had a domain name and was paying for two years for email! Sheesh! I have friends in business that have spent over 2,000,000 Pesos – lots of money – and they have nothing – the web designer gets mad and won’t answer the phone! Now they are lost!

Christine, because of you and your simple and easy course, we are not lost and actually doing business! Thank you!”

Kevin Byrne
Asia Verde Group

“The WordPress Course Was Just What I Needed”


Everything about your website, your course sign-up, your emails, the classes themselves, are TOP notch. I have been in so many training classes and they leave a lot to be desired. Just the fact that you have everyone muted is priceless! (Hope that made you chuckle.) I cannot count how many WebEx conferences I have been in with people hogging the mic, talking over the speaker, etc.

I am a visual/hands on learner and watching how you accomplished tasks in the WordPress course was just what I needed. That is why I enjoy your classes so much; it is very easy to follow along with you and see just how everything is done.

Your classes have been the BEST I have ever attended, and that is the truth.”

Lisa Loyd-Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez Online

“Embarrassed No More…Christine’s Course Was a Godsend”


Before I took Christine’s Website Without Worry class, I was ashamed to give my URL to anyone. Earlier this year, I’d built a website with a do-it-yourself company. The website was ok, but I wanted a more professional design.

A web designer designed a site for me. Once done, the design was beautiful. She promised to transfer all of my content from my previous site onto the new one, but that didn’t happen. The way the content looked on the new site was so embarrassing. Size 22 font and size 10 font in the same paragraph, headers on the paragraphs so small and the text within the paragraphs so big, it looked like a clown show advertisement.

I hired someone else to fix the problems, they fixed the font sizes on two pages, but didn’t complete the rest of the agreed upon changes. Seeing that I was clueless when it came to web technology, and web coding to me was like a 4 letter word, I felt trapped. All in all, I’d spent close to $1000.00 and had done a lot of silent, !@#?**.

Within the first two classes of Website Without Worry, I felt empowered to add some of the text that was missing from the site. Guess what happened after the third class? I was able to cut and paste code into the HTML section of the pages, integrate the rest of my pictures and add some cool new social media buttons! Christine was prompt in answering every question. She was very patient; no question that I asked was too moronic. For a non-techie like me, that was important.

Christine’s Website Without Worry Course was a Godsend. Being an author, my writing as well as my advertisement must be polished and professional. I was ashamed to add my website to any writing organization directories. Now I love for my loyal and new readers to visit my site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine! You over-delivered. I am so grateful for your Website Without Worry Class!”

Alicia Singleton
Award Winning Suspense Author

“Website Without Worry Was One of the Best
Investments I’ve Ever Made for Myself and My Business”

Scan_Pic0029“I participated in Christine’s first sensational Website Without Worry program, and I can honestly say, it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself and my business. As someone who is not a ‘techie’ at all, and frankly can be very intimidated by it, Christine’s ease and ability to share her expertise in clear, concise and simple terms allowed me to successfully install, customize and manage TWO of my own websites. I still can’t believe it!! It was the most rewarding feeling to actually ‘get it,’ take control, embrace my frustrated ‘inner-techie,’ and to do it all for myself.

I never imagined I would find a course that would actually teach me, step-by-step, in ‘everyday’ terms how to create and manage my own websites. Christine is a gifted instructor who’s able to effortlessly impart her expertise to empower others–it’s remarkable. WordPress is such an integral part of online business today–and her course curriculum is 100% invaluable!! In, fact–I’ll be taking it this time around again to further hone my skills.

Without overstating it–if you want to be fully empowered as a business owner and have a blast at the same time–Christine’s Website Without Worry course is not to be missed.”

Mandy Bota
Business Development Ninja

“So Much Value for Such an Amazing Price”


“I loved the WordPress webinars, as they really brought everything together! In fact, I was so excited that I had my husband and daughter come up to my office afterwards and I was saying, ‘…and now I can do this, and put this feature on, and look how easy this is to do…’ Very exciting and I can’t wait to get started on building this!! My 19 year old daughter Alanna said, ‘Wow Mom! That is so great that she is giving you guys so much value for such an amazing price!’ So there ya go. From a 19 year old University student who knows as much about Internet marketing and building websites as I do about splitting the atom!

I wanted to thank you again now for everything you taught in your course. It was an absolute pleasure, and again, what I appreciated is that you are very articulate and excellent at teaching what you know! (Now, if I could have just said that about some of my University profs!)”

Ann-Michele Timmerman
AMT International

“Now I Am My Own Webmaster!”


“My website was created a few years ago in Dreamweaver and since I don’t know much about Dreamweaver I was constantly calling my webmaster to edit or add things to my site. Of course he charged for each edit.

After taking Christine’s Website Without Worry class, I had the skills I needed to build another website using WordPress and now I am my own webmaster! Christine is a gifted teacher and not only does she know what she knows so well; she can explain it in a way that makes sense to an amateur.

If you too, want to become your own webmaster, invest in this course with Christine. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am!”

Karen Brockman
Virtual Assistant

“I’m Thrilled with Your Course”


“Thank you again for the wonderful WordPress course. I’ve learned a great deal in just a few short weeks.

I’m thrilled with your course and have recommended you highly to my friends and colleagues!”

Jennifer K. Maulsby
Everyday Philanthropy

“Traffic to Our Blog Has Tripled…
Already it Has Gotten Us a Huge Client!”


“First of all, I wanted to thank you for providing so much great content in such a short period of time. This class was definitely a great investment, and was exactly what I needed.

I have tripled my Twitter followers, gained a bunch of new followers on LinkedIn and Facebook, activity on my Facebook business page is up and traffic to my blog has tripled! Prior to the program I lacked direction in my social media efforts. I never knew where to begin and never had any real strategy.

You have given me a framework to continue to develop my content and I will continue to push out new, relevant content on a timely basis. I have actually missed the last 3 classes as business has been booming. Some of that I can even attribute to the success of our social media presence. I plan on listening to the recordings of the last three classes to see what else I can take away from this program, but already it has been amazing.

As for my sites, I have completely redesigned our existing site to use WordPress with an integrated blog as you recommended in our coaching call, as well as several other suggestions you made. Already, it has gotten us a huge client!

I have been active on both the new blog and our existing blog and have been directing traffic to both through Twitter, LinkedIN, our Facebook Business Page, and my personal Facebook page. We have seen a huge spike in traffic and I have actually had two meetings with new prospects that complimented me on our social media profiles.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to harness the power of social media for their business. Just wanted to thank you once again.”

Frank Bravata
New Millennium Technology Services

“I am NOT a Techy Person, and Your Class Was
Outstanding and Very Easy to Understand”


“I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your WordPress class!

I have been in business (successfully) for 16 years without a website or blog, but am now realizing that I need a business presence on the web. I am NOT a techy person, and your class was outstanding and very easy to understand (thank you). I am even more aware that I don’t want to do ANY of it initially myself. I’ve hired someone to do it for me, and thanks to your teleclass we will be using WordPress!

I am hoping to learn from this as a ‘beginner’s approach’ and ultimately branch into being a more ‘independent operation.’ Your teleclass enabled me make a more informed decision about my new venture into the cyber world. I am grateful! Thank you!”

Sheila Delson
Professional Organizer

Yep, I walk the talk… (how refreshing!)

Since I started using WordPress in my business over seven years ago, I have built a powerful presence online that has resulted in gaining more clients, more visibility and credibility as an expert as well as more lucrative partnerships with fellow business colleagues. (And I am definitely not the only one—many of my clients and students have done it too!)

And let me tell you the big secret…running your own website does not have to be hard or complicated! Once you get over the basic learning curve, if you can send an email, you can manage your own WordPress site—and begin producing exciting results for your own business!

Just a few of my past Website Without Worry students’ amazing WordPress sites:
addtl screenshot

Have questions about whether Website Without Worry is right for you? Click here for our FAQ.

So, What Do You Get in the
Website Without Worry Course?

    • Three 60-75 minute trainings
    • 2 BONUS LIVE open Q&A calls devoted entirely to specific questions on your web presence
    • A downloadable e-learning guide
    • Downloadable video AND audio recordings of all classes
    • All the PowerPoint slides used in the trainings

PLUS… Some very special EXTRAS…


Free LIVE Group Q&A Call!

Sometimes, having access to someone (successful) to get feedback is just what you need! During this laser coaching Q&A call, I’ll be available to coach you on your website creation strategy, specific questions, assignments or materials.

Even if you don’t have a question, you’ll eavesdrop on others asking questions and get value for your OWN business. Q&A call to be scheduled June 2015.


Christine’s Own Cash-Generating Sales Campaigns Swipe File
(A $597 Value!)


In this highly valuable bonus, you’re going to snag a “swipe file” of actual sample emails from my own cash-generating sales campaigns!

These emails have helped bring in thousands of dollars in profit, and ensured my program and product launches have been super successful.

I’m opening up the vault to share this with YOU, FREE as my gift to you for saying YES to Website Without Worry.


My Personal, Just-Updated Rolodex of Recommended Resources
(Value: Priceless)

I’ve put together a list of tools and resources to get you going with your WordPress site ASAP. You won’t have to spend the money and the time that I did finding all of these great resources because I’ve got it covered for you. This is my own personal file of resources and tools I use, as well as some personal contacts I’ve made. Bottom line—this list will save you lots of time and money!

This invaluable list of resources is yours FREE as my gift to you for saying YES to Website Without Worry.


Complete worksheets, templates, scripts, resources, handouts, examples, checklists and cheat-sheets from the live course

You’ll benefit from lots of tips, diagrams, worksheets, resources, screenshots and more that I’ve included! These will make it easy for you to implement what you learn in your own website, as well as refer to for years to come


How to Create an “Irresistible Free Offer” So Great Your List Will Practically Build Itself!

A bonus 60-minute strategy training all about how to create your irresistible free gift! Learn what to include on your website to entice many more people to opt in, plus get an easy process for creating the content of your free offer–fast!

You’ll learn:

* How to find out exactly what your prospects want most from you
* How to come up with an irresistible title for your free offer
* What to include on your website to entice many more people to opt in
* An easy process for creating the content of your free offer–fast


GenF20-Satisfaction-GuaranteedI do offer a money-back guarantee. But I ask one thing–you must complete the entire program before you make your final decision.

You see, I am revealing my most powerful strategies plus investing my valuable time and energy and I expect you to do the same. This is, after all, the only way to create the results you dearly desire. So it’s vital you experience every step I am including.

After the final class, if you feel this program did not truly deliver what it promised (and more!) to positively change your business, you are welcome to write us and personally request a complete refund. Important: In order to be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from ALL of the training classes within 30 days of your purchase. Yes, this means YOU must take action in this program. Why? We simply want you to take action because we know that if you do, you will get results.

We do this because we’re looking for committed, serious students only. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of encouragement, positivity and inspired, action-oriented learning.

If you went out and got yourself trained in WordPress, you could expect to pay upwards of $1000 for a course. But, you won’t have to pay anywhere NEAR that with me. In fact, I think you’ll find it to be extremely affordable!

Are YOU a Good Fit for Website Without Worry?

Website Without Worry is for you if…

You want a simple website that markets for you 24/7

You are ready to take what you learn and put it into action

You are willing to schedule a couple of hours outside of the trainings to do the work

You understand that what your website SAYS and DOES for your bottom line is more important than it looking “fancy”

You’re motivated to do business through your website

Website Without Worry is NOT for you if…

You want someone to teach you lots of “techie” ins and outs, such as how to “hack” themes or do your own design (I’m all about simplifying!)

You aren’t ready to do the work that’s needed to move you forward with your website

You aren’t willing to invest in your business

You are terrified of technology—or won’t work with someone who could help you simplify it

You are looking for someone to “do” your website for you (My job is to show you the way and share my best resources)




I understand that in addition to the info-packed trainings and Q&A sessions, I will receive…

  • A downloadable e-learning guide filled with tips, diagrams, resources and screenshots
  • Downloadable recordings of all classes
  • All the PowerPoint slides used in the trainings
  • SALE BONUS #1: I’ll also receive my reserved spot on a Free LIVE Group Q&A Call
  • SALE BONUS #2: I’ll also receive Christine’s own Cash-Generating Sales Campaigns Swipe File
  • SALE BONUS #3: I’ll also receive Christine’s personal, just-updated Rolodex of recommended resources
  • SALE BONUS #4: I’ll also receive the complete worksheets, templates, scripts, resources, handouts, examples, checklists and cheat-sheets from the live course
  • SALE BONUS #5: I’ll also receive a bonus 60-minute “Irresistible Free Offer” strategy training

I’m ready to invest in the WEBSITE WITHOUT WORRY course!

Special “Thank You” 50% Off Sale Price: $497 $247


Rest assured this transaction is 100% secure and after we receive your information, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes. I can’t wait to share this biz-transforming course with you!

With Love,


PS: Still have questions about whether Website Without Worry is right for you? Click here for our FAQ.

Questions? We’re happy to help. Email us at